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Posted by Daniel S Rodgers


Kenya is a standout amongst the most lovely nations on the planet, it's different scenes, mind blowing creatures and agreeable individuals make it a really uncommon spot. This post is meant to make wandering there somewhat less overwhelming than it might at first show up. Kenya is a similarly safe African destination yet like any destination there's still bounty you ought to know before taking an excursion there. So here you have it, a complete aide of 6 things you have to know before going to Kenya surprisingly!

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1. Individual Safety

Whilst Kenyan's are staggeringly well disposed there is significant neediness in Kenya and as a vacationer you will attract more regard for yourself particularly in case you're bearing extravagant cameras and wearing clearly costly adornments. Like much insignificant wrongdoing, it's altogether deft. In the event that you minimize yourself as an objective and be cautious then you'll undoubtedly be totally fine.

The accompanying tips are truly evident ones, however are vital none the less:

Dress separately, whilst it's not as basic as when you're going to numerous Asian and Arabian nations, on the off chance that you dress humbly to not attract consideration regarding yourself, this minimizes hazard. Women this tip particularly applies to you!

Make a duplicate of your international ID to keep in your gear

Wear a cash belt under all your garments in case you're going through a city with assets (cash, visa and so on)

Try not to wear costly gems, convey gaudy cameras (in towns and urban communities, clearly on safari it's fine!) or convey a lot of money.

going to Kenya surprisingly

2. Restorative

There's various required infusions and solution required when you go to Kenya. So here's a rundown of them for you!

The emphatically prompted hits and sponsors suggested are:

Diphtheria, Hepatitis A, Poliomyelitis, Tetanus and Typhoid

I realize that in England you can either get these infusions from your specialist or from private travel centers – the facilities are liable to be more costly.

Alternate infusions you ought to firmly consider:

Yellow Fever, Cholera, Hepatitis B, Meningococcal Meningitis and Rabies.

Yellow Fever is required, particularly in case you're going around Africa, you frequently need to exhibit a Yellow Fever authentication on passage to be permitted into every nation, so make sure to get this one on the off chance that you haven't as of now.

It's genuinely expensive as infusions go, for instance, at a travel facility my Yellow Fever hit was £80 – anyway it lasts 10 years and keep you from getting Yellow Fever so I'm certain you'll be getting esteem for cash!

Jungle fever – There's no infusion for Malaria however it's conceivable you'll be advised to buy intestinal sickness tablets.

Whist Nairobi and some good country ranges have generally okay it's ideal to fail in favor of alert with regards to jungle fever!

Cautioning: Malaria tablets have basically every reaction conceivable recorded on the container however luckily the most well-known are not very genuine.

Disturbed tummies and light-affectability are two of these. I'm of the olive skin sort that as a rule tans once right away presented to sun however without precedent for my life I ended up turning beetroot in a matter of minutes, even covered in sun salve! So be super watchful and look out for this.

going to Kenya interestingly

3. Bugs and Animals

Natural life:

In case you're on safari in Kenya it's probable your aides will let you know about the threats and safeguards to take around wild creatures or the strategy if you somehow happened to unearth a panther in your shower tub.

Creepy crawlies:

With regards to creepy crawlies, be readied. I'm certainly not the best judge of how awful bugs and bugs are in Kenya, given that I'm one of those irritating individuals who is wildly swatting whilst fleeing from the supper table at the smallest buzz. Nonetheless, unquestionably cover yourself in creepy crawly repellent, not just will this further keep any mosquito related ailments however then you won't tingle and scratching your way round safari the following day.

going to Kenya interestingly

4. Visas

You will require a visa when going into Kenya. These are around £30/$50 and you can either buy one on entry or from the Kenyan High Commission. It is moderately simple to procure one on entry so I for one wouldn't stretch a lot about having one previously quite recently ensure you have US dollars with you to pay for it.

going to Kenya interestingly

5. Nourishment and Drink

There is no staple Kenyan dish in that capacity anyway you can expect stunning steak and most dinners are presented with a grain or some likeness thereof (couscous, rice and so forth) with a segment of meat or fish. Everything is flavorfully prepared and makes utilization of the crisp produce accessible in the range.

Cautioning: Like in many nations, be careful of 'road sustenance', guarantee that in the event that you are eating from them you're eating nourishment cooked at high temperatures that is still hot when you purchase it. The vast lion's share of the time it will be fine. Notwithstanding, particularly on the off chance that you have a delicate stomach or you're not acclimatized to the food yet, it's best to be careful and keep away from road merchants.

As far as the water in Kenya, we were let it know was fine to drink if your stomach has acclimatized to it in any case in case you're originating from abroad they exhort filtered water. For things like brushing your teeth the water is fine to utilize.

going to Kenya interestingly

6. Society, Language and People


The way of life and conventions in the nation totally rely on where you're remaining. The nation is dominatingly Christian with a littler rate of Muslims.


The biggest contrast in societies will be found in the diverse tribes inside the nation. The most understood to visitors being the Massai and the Samburu tribe.

In case you're intrigued ask your aide or a nearby to let you know about the distinctive customs inside the diverse tribes, they're staggeringly fascinating, you'll soon acknowledge how confused your cutting edge innovative life appears in examination!


There is amazing neediness in the nation, with Nairobi being home to Kibera – the biggest urban ghetto in Africa. You need to hold up under as a top priority that you will be unbelievably affluent in contrast with a portion of the Kenyan populace that you may meet along the way, so be careful about that and make sure to minimize the danger to your own security by submitting to the tips I recorded previously.


Kenya is a multilingual nation with English and Swahili being the two authority dialects. So here's two or three Swahili words to help you along your way:

"Jambo!" – this is the most widely recognized welcome, it's kind of like a comprehensive "Hi how are you?"

"Asante"/"Asante Sana" – this implies thank you/much thanks.

"Post Pole" – You'll most likely hear this being said a considerable measure, it means 'gradually', everything is "shaft post" here so get accustomed to it!

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